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A company or factory industry certainly needs to anticipate all the possibilities that can occur during the production process. Prevention of occupational accidents certainly need to be considered in order not to happen whose name cessation of a production process due to work accident. Work accidents will not occur and can be minimized by ensuring all equipment and equipment that support them are sufficient, especially electrical problems. Panelo box or panel box is a device that serves to maintain the security or protect the electrical panel from damage either intentional or unintentional.

In the event of a problem with an electrical installation or an electric current may interfere with the production process of a plant. So this device is very important once its function to be able to control and control the electrical current either power, voltage or electrical load.

PT. Star Delta Triputri is a manufacturer of panel boxes for non commercial, commercial and industrial buildings. Provide a reliable and quality device that will ensure the safety, durability and durability.

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